It’s an Ankara thing!

Happy New Year people. It’s was a beautiful warm sunday. I am usually not caught wearing ankara but this is a new year right?

Actually, what’s not to share about this outfit.



Speaking of the new year, I decided not to make any resolutions this year. I find that anytime I pull out a list of resolutions, I usually end up messing things up. So this year, I decided not to, and so far, I have been doing pretty good keeping to no resolutions. Who am I kidding! In my head lies resolutions of a life time and with passing everyday, at least for the few days in this year, I’m doing better and better.


But that doesn’t mean I would stop buying shoes 🙂  I’m still working on that one.

By the end of last year, I decided that this year would be different and better…Wait till it’s warm and you ‘ll see.


Again, thanks for stopping by, feel free to drop comments please.

Detail: African Ankara Print

Shoes: Nordstrom Similar ones can be found here

Jacket: Leather jacket from Ross

Clutch & Earrings: Random stores


4 thoughts on “It’s an Ankara thing!

  1. Love that you hemmed it with a serger! Very cute! I’m with you on the “no resolutions” thing this year. Too many other things to worry about. It’s like going on a diet… it only lasts a few weeks then you get distracted with other things. Love the dress. Great job!

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