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Many wonders of Blue Denim

After many failed trials of sewing a pair of pants, I directed my energy to old denim’s I found around the house.  I tore some up like the ragged pants, some I made into pants and some, well, they just lie helplessly in my trash basket. Since my adventure with Jeans/Denim, I decided to share some wonderful outfits I found while searching for inspiration.


Rihanna  spotted in Balmain Military Style Denim Jacket. Am I getting an MJ vibe somewhere on this jacket?





Believe it or not, there are more Denim sweaters out there than you can imagine. This beautiful Tibi Blocked Denim Slouchy cropped pullover sweater can be also be paired with Denim. Be careful not to crush the beauty of this sweater though.


Check out this angelic piece of Patched work Denim shirt


I would pair this with a mid calf high waited pencil skirt, a chunky necklace and a pointed toe pump.


There are so many blue denim dresses out there. Seeing that my style is simple, I found these pretty interesting dresses.


This gorgeous dress can be found here

DenimDressBeautiful Beautiful Masterpiece Denim Dress, made from 41 pairs of Levi 501’s. It is a collection from Re-cycled ‘Eco-Couture’ by Gary Harvey


Here is a simple  Maison Scotch Denim Dress with Cutwork Detail 

Throw on a belt and a military boot and you are half way across town on a warm spring day.

34391795ul_14_fHere is another pretty Denim dress AVANTGAR DENIM by EUROPEAN CULTURE

We can’t talk about blue denim without talking about



Urban Renewal Repaired Denim Overall by Urban Outfitters.

I particularly love this overall because of the patches of both denim and strips. I would definitely be caught wearing this on a warm spring day .

Lets try some MEN’S DENIM PIECES

I Love how men rock their Denim over Denim

b0e42aa642d555f2087cedff5614c42bDenim by Guess



Last but not the least. I’m in awe of these amazing Mark McNairy Amsterdam denim and leather saddle shoes


Ladies there goes an early valentine gift for your fashionable boyfriend 🙂

What’s your Denim Style?

Oh by the way, check out this Covered in Denim blog post by Styled by kalack


It’s an Ankara thing!

Happy New Year people. It’s was a beautiful warm sunday. I am usually not caught wearing ankara but this is a new year right?

Actually, what’s not to share about this outfit.



Speaking of the new year, I decided not to make any resolutions this year. I find that anytime I pull out a list of resolutions, I usually end up messing things up. So this year, I decided not to, and so far, I have been doing pretty good keeping to no resolutions. Who am I kidding! In my head lies resolutions of a life time and with passing everyday, at least for the few days in this year, I’m doing better and better.


But that doesn’t mean I would stop buying shoes 🙂  I’m still working on that one.

By the end of last year, I decided that this year would be different and better…Wait till it’s warm and you ‘ll see.


Again, thanks for stopping by, feel free to drop comments please.

Detail: African Ankara Print

Shoes: Nordstrom Similar ones can be found here

Jacket: Leather jacket from Ross

Clutch & Earrings: Random stores


Hey Guys,

I have been working on lots of sewing. It’s been a struggle since I’m teaching myself. I just had a friend ask me to make her something for Friday. I’m pretty excited about my life right now 😉


Here is a few pictures. If you had any tips on how to get better at this, please feel free to share.

So I saw this skirt On SkinnyHipster’s Blog and I tried to duplicate it.

Here is what I came up with


Started from the bottom




Now we are here!


The whole team’s here 🙂




Here is some other clothing I was able to make

The Black Pant. I fell in love with the fabric and decided to test it out.



Last but obviously not the least. I came up with this dress, the fabric is actually beautiful African printed Fabric called ANKARA. 



Someone was trying to model lol      

I just thought to share some of this awesomeness with you guys.

Stop by Skinnyhipsters blog and my friend Kike’s blog STYLEDBYKALACK for awesome fashion tips

Thank you guys so much for stopping by and supporting me.

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